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'Tropical Breeze'

a Tropical Garden in Sydney

Sydney gardening is about change - the new design trend is tropical plants.
Tropical plants have historically been grown in Sydney since the early 1800s with records of plant collectors introducing tropical plants as early as 1808. Sydney is not tropical - it is generally regarded as warm temperate but is often called a subtropical climate by passionate plant collectors. These plant collectors are focused on gardening in Australia.

Growing tropical plants in your garden is easy.

When you think of the tropics, images of lush greenery, swaying palm trees and gardens full of vibrant colours of flowers and foliage, come to mind. This can all be achieved by selecting tough tropicals that do well in Sydney.



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Pavilion Garden,  Pool Garden
 Lower Garden   Front Garden.  
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Pavilion Garden,   Pool Garden,
Lower Garden  Front Garden

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Cordyline photos
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'Tropical Breeze' is open with Open Gardens Australia
15-16 March 2014.  
Members of the Tropical Garden Society of Sydney will be selling tropical plants